The Royals

by People Like Us

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released May 11, 2013

Written by People Like Us
Produced by Patrick Simms at Slanty House Studios

Shane Fester - Vocals
Bradley Cousins - Guitar, vocals, and aux percussions
Jordan White - Guitar and vocals
Mark Allin - Bass
Benjamin Cousins - Drums and vocals



all rights reserved


people like us. Burlington, Ontario

A group of musicians and friends playing songs in their basements and bed rooms over the years has lead to the formation of People Like Us.

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Track Name: The Foreword
And the sad thing is I don't know how to change
My mind is so ingrained with television stains
And the question is where did I go wrong?
I thought I was playing it safe but I was just playing along

We were so comfortable, and plentiful but it's a lie
Someone pull me out, I'm crawling up the walls but they keep falling down
And no one's ever around

With all these preferences how can we find a purpose without feeling life is completely worthless?
With all these references how can we divide from a twisted mind?
Where impossibles collide

We were so beautiful, unbreakable until we died
We never realized the time we waste was even there to pass us by
Bringing us to our demise

Trapped in a cell, I know you know that feeling well
How can you tell if your life was living a lie you were setup to tell?
Track Name: The Deathmachine
Call it what you will, I call it an interest, excitement for future thrills
With nothing but good fortune bestowed on the life I lead, just welcoming
Achieving our goals, all wide eyed rushing through thick oak doors
Carving out rivers of establishment and flooding the hallways of accomplishment

We are the truly enlightened souls carrying the women and the children on our backs
We'll bring the weak ones to shelter, darling
And leave the faithful to pray

By the fire burning beneath our city streets
The soil stained red, the dying hearts we hear them beat-beat-beat
Makes you open your eyes, the majority lies in our hands
All that remains, an invisible trace
A man, yes a man is consumed by the world he created and then destroyed

I was born to the stomach of a Deathmachine in the middle of its darkest hour
Coming alive with a system designed to die

Pray that the choices we make are the right ones
We have to be true to ourselves and brave for as long as we can
Since even as children we knew where these broken, beaten down paths would take us in the end
The mistake we made was trusting the fate was just as human
A friend for so long has turned like the years that keep turning and turning and churning out

Distortion and feedback screaming from these grinding gears
Injecting fear like fuel as each witness is laid out
Watching sunsets slip into comas, sliding down these iron walls
Now our guiding lights are machine gun turrets perched high amidst the smoke and the flame
On wheels made from distant memories of feeling secure and safe
All being driven by hatred within as we ignite our saving grace

Oh my dear, show me where it hurts
Hold my hand and let us sing a song, a song of our success
Now the machine's a blazing furry engulfed with the flames that we set to it
Don't look back the ashes have already been swept
Hold my hand And let us sing a song, a song of our regrets

We are the truly enlightened souls, we are enlightened souls
Track Name: The Advisor
I reach my hand into the dirt, I can pull out the world and just throw it away
I put my hand into the clouds, now I'm bringing the rain
I keep the sun in the palm of my hand, and I can but it out like a cigarette
I touch my fingers to the sea, I start a ripple now the ripple is a tsunami
I am my own element, tell me once again why you think you're the boss

Over and over, again and again,
"Advisor advise me, this fear that subsides me"
When the head on your shoulders is all you have left to lose
Each passage I write defines a truth, a truth that is greater than God

Like God, I hold the universe in my hand
Reigning from sea to sea, put your trust in me, on the clouds of Olympus I stand
A leader to man but you're nothing more than a grain of sand

Perpetual hierarchies have existed for years, we can't break these family ties
You're burning the bridges I create with hands that manipulate
In time my patience will wear thin as you find your conscious within
A man with the virtuous mind will always fall behind

This empire was built on departed remains that once called this place home

Take flight above with the twisted stars, we're casting the cards and watching them fall
Defining the man that you are
Was there at the start, don't forget who brought you this far
I feel like the man in the moon or the sun in the sky, I wait for the end of the night
I've seen cold winters turn to spring, and then back to winter's grim
I've seen a youthful light fade dim in countless ruler's eyes
They plead and they cry to me for help

This empire was built on departed remains that once called this place home
I burned for it, I bled for it, I died and was born again for it
This image reminds me of who I am
Balancing the fine line between genius and insanity, genius and insanity

Kept my eye on the prize but did you notice what you lost along the way?
My view from Utopia will remain the same
Neglect the pleading, evade the screaming, but shutting them out won't stop their bleeding

With forked tongue and slitted eyes, a story perfected
A simple caress to the souls you collected
You've bent them and made them believe how nice it must be
To pull up a seat to a canvas that's clean
So deep in the veins and there you'll stay, waiting for a shutter, and that last breath to escape
WIll you contemplate as you're nearing your prey?
Will you ask yourself, "Am I genius or insane?"
Track Name: The King
The King: powered
His crown: soured
How can we decide?
The King and all his glory flash like bright lights in the headlines
We're right this time, in line, we know that we are justified
Maybe in the morning's light things will feel more alive

Step up to the podium, speak with the words that you infected
Rise above the mass, and look down your nose at the poor and the sad
All because you couldn't find the time
The money was short and the days were getting longer
It wasn't that there's reason to suspect
That the evidence has been wiped so clean that it's faded

Beg for forgiveness for this disease that you have spread
This contamination, disorder of structure, this humiliation
All because you couldn't find the time
You covered it up but we can see the outlines
He is here to come to our defence
But the blood in the soil will wash into the ocean

The King was walking on our backs, dipping his hands into our pockets
Leaving nothing left to live
We lost our respect, in the dirt, lies face down

Hello fellow citizens, I stand in front of you today
Addressing what was not addressed, saying what I couldn't say
I'm in a position to make a judgement call
They terrorized our livelihood, our backs against the wall
I know some of you have your thoughts
Like my hand was in your pockets or my mind was drifting off afar
Let me shed some light into the dark
They can take away our covers but they'll never take our hearts

This conflict was inevitable, with a scene so unforgettable
I call upon my will to be strong and rise above this devastating blow
And I know there comes a time to pay the piper
My eyes are just silhouettes, empty holes within my head
Desensitized to feeling alive

I wish I never witnessed this, I stand in front of you to say
These empty words are meaningless, a king's oath can't fix anything
If you would really listen you'd have to hear their call
There wasn't much to start with, now we've gone and took it all
I know some accept the loss
We've got to take them down my friend, we can never stop
All those left so long in the dark
It might seem like the end but really it's a brand new start

This conflict was inevitable, with a scene so unforgettable
I call upon my will to be strong and rise above this devastating blow
And I know the time has come to pay the piper
Your eyes are just silhouettes, empty holes shot in your head
There comes a time for evil to die, and I've never felt more alive

When you hit the ground
When you hit the ground, people standing all around
Now we are the ones looking down on you
Track Name: The Scene of the Crime
Little darling sleep tight
I hope you dream of everything that you wish for tonight
Because when I wake up and you're fast asleep
Under cover I will find a safe place to retreat
If you happen to arrive at the scene of the crime
You will find me with blood on these hands that isn't mine

I'm finally going somewhere, I put some meaning to my life
Since everything I've worked on this far was lost
Tonight we take it back, tonight we take back what was ours
And we'll never need anything again
Never bow down to kiss the crown you held so high, so high above us

Under the cover of darkness, we'll look for the weakest stone in the wall and let it fall
Down to our feet we'll let it fall
Break in to the yard like clock work, silently putting footsteps on the grass
We made it passed, not to be seen

Now we'll watch you fall, down to your knees we'll watch you fall
Helpless like the people you've stepped on
Victimized for the first time in your life, this feels so right and I've been waiting for so long
And now you are waiting and soon you'll be praying for death to come
And release you from this masked assassin
Your undertaker, reign of terror is over

Little darling sleep tight

Don't you dare make another move
Like figures etched in glass, I can see right through you
Bodies in bags and your heads all in baskets
I brought you the numbers, the fear, and the masses
Under my impenetrable, bequeathable, sovereignty, dynasty, baby

Little darling sleep tight
I hope you've dreamed of everything that you've wished for tonight
How should I feel?
When did I go blind?
A picture out of focus, conclusive before its time
And now that I've seen the truth behind the lies
Evacuate, evacuate under the moonlight

The king is dead and now his crown will be placed on another head
No one knows but me, they won't see what I have seen
Run away, run away, run away darling
Spread warning of this odious monarchy
I'm finally going somewhere, tonight we take it back little darling
Track Name: The Afterword
This is where we began with a concept so pristine
Blacked all the windows, covered all the seams
Candles burned into the night, this is where we sat to dream
And conceive ideas that brought us to the brink
Wrote it down on paper, read through it and agreed
We'll meet back here again tonight, this is what you promised me

I've been standing abandoned for so long
And my foundation is breaking under the weight of it all
I could have swept the floor a million times and will a thousand more
Just waiting for you to come back home

We're ghosts left in machines, it's all we've ever been
Can't you tell by the cobwebs draped like banners form the ceiling?
We're ghosts left in machines, it's all we've ever been
Can't you tell by the dust that clouds the window's pane?
And the image it creates

Looking out from within upon a world I can't believe
We burned down all the bridges, we blocked up all the streams
Everything we've feared for has become reality
And it seems like we are never going to see smiles on their faces, glisten in the teeth
Laughter heard into the night, we could have written history

I've been standing abandoned, it's so wrong
And my foundation is breaking under the weight of it all
I could have swept the floor a million times and will a thousand more
Just waiting for you to come back home

Inside we fade, but never to forget
As this landscape takes its toll on me
I am led to believe that what we had was just a flash in the pan

We used to sit and stare at the world that's right out our door step
Now I'm sitting alone
We all had so much to live for, so much to plan for now it's come and it's gone
When did day dreaming die?
Now we don't even try
Did anyone say goodbye?

We're ghosts left in machines, it's all we've ever been
And the sad thing is we don't know how to change
We're ghosts in machines, it's all we've been